Pelco Plastic Packaging History of an American Plastic Packaging Company

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The Pelco Packaging Corporation - An American Success Story

Shortly after the Pelco Packaging Company originated in 1949, the United States found themselves engaged in the Korean Conflict. The manufacturer's direction then changed dramatically...quite by accident. The major arms suppliers were unable to handle the flood of orders from the military and sought sub-contractors. One of the items sub-contracted to Pelco was a small-diameter aluminum shaft. The part was so delicate it would bend during shipment.

In an attempt to decrease the rate of rejection, a sheet of thin gauge PVC was placed in a waffle iron. The engineers found that by placing one plastic "waffle" on top of another, the parts could be protected during shipment. The customer was so impressed by this special packaging that Pelco was invited to review their materials handling procedures and supply containers where critical parts were involved.

Plastic was clean, light-weight, and did not absorb moisture, unlike wood and corrugated. The tooling used for thermoforming was cost-effective, and by form-fitting a customer's part, maximum protection could be obtained. As new technology came into play, parts became smaller and electronics replaced mechanical parts. Closer tolerances were required and sub-assemblies were in need of protection from both physical damage and electric shock.

An innovator in superior quality plastic packaging solutions, we have the experience and expertise to meet any industry's specific plastic packaging needs. We ensure the cost-efficient production of a standard design, or the development of a new prototype.


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